Auburn Super Mall – Three Retail Projects

Stores We Helped: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Orange Julius/Dairy Queen & D’lara Mediterranean Grill

Project Overview:

  • Installed hood fans, coolers, walk-in freezers, cooking equipment and made sure everything that needed to be plugged in had the electricity it needed to be up and running so that their customers could enjoy the treats created by each business.
  • Set up the panels so that employees had access to controls.
  • For Orange Julius/Dairy Queen we had a specific mission  – we set up power for the Arctic Rush Machine, Blizzard Machine and all the blenders.
  • Ensured power was run to all signage.
  • Ran power to the roof top units including the furnace/AC and condensers.
  • Ensured Freon ran to the condensers so that the freezers kept the ice cream at the accurate temperature.

Collaboration Efforts: We worked with TriSquare Construction who served as the general contractor for this multi-faceted project. Together we ensured our clients received competitive rates and that the project was on budget and on time. We also worked with the HVAC contractor to ensure we were providing the electrical needs required to install their deliverables.

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